God and the Karate Kid
Book Two

Chet met Carrie met at a Christian bible academy where they fell in love and got married. And went on their honeymoon to Rio de Janeiro, where terrorists tried to kidnap him off the street in Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, (the main shopping street), but Chet’s long hours of karate training paid off. He helped the CIA and the Brazilian Government capture General Escorpio, the terrorist drug lord and destroy his world-wide drug distribution.

Chet and Carrie fell into another situation when the hotel bellhop claimed that he had been communicating with Chet’s dead Aunt.

“I talked to your mother’s sister last night.” The hotel bellhop exclaimed.

“What do you mean you talked to my mother’s sister? She was killed in a car accident before I was even born!”

This book will help you answer questions from your bible, such as…Can the dead really communicate with the living? Where does a person actually go when he dies? The authors have carefully attempted to blend the answers to the questions above and more with adventure, karate and intrigue, making the book into an exciting novel.

Authors: Dwight D. Shull and Jacqueline Shull
Copyright: ©2020 Shull Publishing
Edition: Second Edition
Language: English
No. of Pages: 120
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Weight: 0.21 lbs.

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