God and the Karate Kid
Book Five

Fortunately the Uranium was located by Jeff Carson and the US Navy. However, some of Hashimira warriors followed Chet back to England, where they tried to kill him and Chet had defeated them until they retaliated with guns and then Scotland Yard insisted they leave England and go back to the US. But the Hell’s Angels were relentlessly trying to kill Chet and bragged about what they would do to Carrie before they killed her.

But God had a plan and they were invited to go to Russia to teach English, which turned into another nightmare adventure, when the US Embassy asked them to get Jeff Carson, who was hid in a cell in the notorious Lubyanka prison, where he was being held after his helicopter was shot down in the Ocean north of Japan. As a result Chet and Carrie had to literally drag and carry the sick and wounded Jeff Carson through what seemed like miles of underground sewer system with rats and spiders. They had to run in and out of buildings, jumping from roof to roof and had to steal a delivery truck and had to fight his way, dodging bullets and fighting his way to the Embassy gate.

Authors: Dwight D. Shull and Jacqueline Shull
Copyright: ©2020 Shull Publishing
Edition: Second Edition
Language: English
No. of Pages: 152
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Weight: 0.21 lbs.

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